4 Ways to Effectively Manage Your PPC Ad Campaign

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Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing can play a vital role in building your business, but its value depends on running a well-managed campaign. You must target your promotion to the right people. Your adverts need to entice potential customers to visit your site, and your landing pages need to convert those visitors into customers. Here’s a quick primer on four ways to build and manage a strong PPC ad campaign.

PPC Ad Campaign – 4 top tips

1. Review Search Terms

Choosing the search terms to associate with your ads is a key element in your PPC ad campaign. Customers don’t always use the same language that sellers use, so think of all the terms that people use on their phones or in emails when they contact you. If your product is innovative, customers might not know that it exists and might fail to search for it, so you’ll need to catch them when they’re trying to solve the problem that you specialize in correcting. They might be searching for books on your topic or DIY videos, for example.

Use a mix of specific terms along with broad match terms. You can reduce wasted clicks by including many negative keywords with your broad match terms, which can restrict visitors who wouldn’t be likely to buy from you. Using broad match terms with negative keywords can help you gain insight into new terms when you later review the searches that brought people to your site.

2. Plan Your Campaign Carefully

Campaign tools allow you to target your ads specifically, not only by the keywords the user puts into the search, but also by the demographics and geographical area of the web user. (Image on right via Flickr by Danard Vincente.)

If you know who your potential customers are — women aged 40–55 who live in large cities, homeowners in the Atlanta suburbs, or millennials with an interest in world travel — you can spend your time wisely targeting those customers precisely. Paying for clicks from people who aren’t in your target market is a waste of cash.

3. Manage Your Landing Pages

What’s the point of sending this highly targeted traffic to a generic home page? Landing pages let you speak specifically to each customer who enters your site. You’ll know who your customers are and what they were looking for when your ad popped up and lured them in. Address them directly with a well-designed landing page that focuses on their concerns and holds them firmly on the page, with few links or distractions. Guide them directly into your conversion funnel, or at least entice them to leave their email addresses with you before they go.

4. Test and Measure

Use Google Analytics to measure your results and keep testing different ads, audiences, and landing pages until you find the golden formula for your business.

Make your PPC Ad Campaign work for you

With a few hours of planning, you can create a stellar PPC campaign that delivers cost-effective leads. As a bonus, the time you put into defining your customers, selecting your keywords, and creating your landing pages will pay off in insights that you can apply to all of your marketing efforts.

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