How to Copy Effective PPC Campaigns From Your Competitors

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You know that saying, “you don’t have to be faster than the bear, you just have to be faster than the guy next to you?” (if not, maybe it’s a Southern thing). It’s true when you’re trying to outrun a massive, terrifying grizzly, and it’s true to an extent when it comes to your marketing.


If your Google Ads are consistently showing up in position #3, does it matter if your campaign is good if your competitors’ campaign is great? They’ll get the clicks, and you’ll lose that potential client.


While you want your ad campaign to be as great as it possibly can, there’s something to the idea of knowing what your competitors are doing so that you can copy their best strategies, elevate them, and snag all of those clicks and conversions for yourself. And don’t worry—it’s not nearly as exhausting as it sounds.


Competitor research will always be an important part of advertising, and in this post we’re going to show you how you can copy the best PPC campaigns and strategies from your competitors and add your own twist to them.


1. Identify Strong Campaigns You Want to Copy

If you want to copy the best PPC campaigns out there, you have to first find said campaigns.

How you do this will depend on the platform of your choice.

Facebook makes competitor research easy when it comes to the ad campaigns, because all you need to do is click on a single brand’s Page and then check out their “Info and Ads” to see all the campaigns they’re currently running. Twitter has a similar feature if you’re looking to advertise there.


When it comes to search ads like Google Ads, simply doing a s search using some of the keywords you want to target is a good option. It’ll show you what’s currently ranking well, including what offers and messaging is deemed most relevant. You can also search for brand terms for specific competitors, as they might be running campaigns targeting those keywords and you can get a feel of what they’re doing.


Certain keyword research or competitor research tools can be exceptionally useful here, too. SEMrush’s Keyword Magic tool can show you the history of given keywords, and even show you the top ads that are ranking for the term you’ve searched for. This can help you review a larger number of campaigns all at once, and you can see who is getting the top organic placements, too.

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