Reasons why you should use PPC Advertising for your Business

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If you are considering diversifying your advertising efforts, one of the options you should consider is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. PPC ads, used by Google, Facebook, and a wide variety of sites, can reach a very specific demographic at a time when you think they’re most likely to engage with your ads. But what is it, how does it work and why should you use it? Here are some quick answers to help you get started.

What is PPC advertising?
Unlike other forms of advertising, where you pay for advertising for a specific period of time – such as a weekly advertisement – PPC advertising will only cost you money if you reach the exact customers who are looking for your specific product or service on online. That’s why it’s called pay-per-click, because you pay each time a potential customer clicks on your ad, not to show your ad somewhere.

How do PPC ads work?
Firstly, you will place an ad that will be effective in delivering your message, and then you will find out which websites to list. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter, Pinterest: All of these sites have some form of PPC advertising that you can purchase. You want to think about what is consistent with the focus of your business, such as using ads on search engine websites for local businesses; LinkedIn for B2B or B2G companies; or Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for B2C companies. This will allow you to target your ad to specific demographic groups that are likely to interest you.

Why should I use PPC ads?
PPC advertising allows you to target a hyper-focused demographic group. For example, let’s say you have a company that provides financial aid counseling services to a college to ensure that students receive the best possible financial aid packages. PPC allows you to target the parents best suited to your target demographic: 40 adults with teens living in a region and looking for financial and scholarship information online at night. PPC advertising allows your parents to see your ad during these times, which makes it easier to earn more of your sales dollars, leading to our next question.

What is the ROI of PPC advertising?
As with any form of advertising, you can get good and bad results from PPC advertising. If you work with split A / B testing, take some time to identify the platform you’re using, and you’re ready to create a hyper-targeted campaign, some results will return up to 50% of your ROI, meaning that half of all visitors to your landing page or The site is ready for purchase. Google Ads typically earns $ 2 for every $ 1 spent. Social media is harder to reach, but it reaches a wider audience.