Website Design Dubai Price

Understanding Web Development Cost in Dubai

Are you a small business looking to build a new website? Or are you looking to redesign your existing website in order to effectively improve customer relations and increase revenues? Ocubedigital is here to assist you in getting the most optimal website that suits your needs and budget.

Websites are one of the most important digital assets of any company. A highly optimized website can easily generate multiple inbound leads each month. Your website ultimately becomes an indirect source of income for your business.

Having decided you need a new website, the most important question you will be faced with is: "How much does website development cost in dubai?" The answer to finding the cost of a website depends on the amount of work involved in building the website. Yes, not all website development is the same.
Before determining the cost of developing a website for your business in dubai, first, you need to identify what type of website your business needs. After that, you can figure out how much it will cost you to get the website created. You also need to know if what you want is a website that can create awareness about your business or a full-fledged eCommerce website that will enable you run an online business. Both types of websites have different purposes to fill and the price may vary depending on the functionality and features you desire.

Components of Website Development Cost in Dubai

There are four major components that affect the cost of developing a website at Ocubedigital.

Domain Name

The first cost of setting up a website is purchasing a domain name for your website. A domain name is basically the name of your website; for example, at Ocubedigital, our domain name is “”. A domain name is essential because it creates an online identity for your website. The average cost of a domain name ranges between $8 – $30 per year and are provided by domain name registrars like GoDaddy, HostGator, Namecheap etc.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that makes your website accessible on the internet. A web host provides a virtual space on its servers for the purpose of storing information such as the web pages, files, media and images that make up your website. Web hosting is a paid service with a price ranging from $200 – $1000 per year.

Website Design

Website design is a major cost incurred in setting up a website. Web design focuses on the layout, visual elements and usability of a website. Web design is what determines the appearance and performance of your website. Through web design, different features and functionalities are added to make your website responsive and have impressive user experience.

The cost of web design takes into account the planning, design and development hours that go into creating your website. The price of designing a website depends on the complexity of your website, the price of a simple basic website in dubai starts at AED 4000 while the price of a custom advanced website starts from AED 20,000.

Website Maintenance

We offer custom website maintenance packages to our clients; it includes website content, SEO, marketing of the website, upgrades, integrations etc. While designing your website, we will add up to 3 pages of content, basic search engine optimization (SEO) and necessary upgrades for free. Additional pages, full scale SEO and Site Marketing will come at an additional cost. You can expect to pay $50 per extra page and have at least a budget of AED 5000 for Seo.

Understand Your Website’s Goals and Needs

The best way to determine what you need for a better website is to figure out what you want your site to accomplish. By setting achievable goals, we can understand the direction you want your online company to take and help you get there through your website.

Features of Our Website Development Cost in Dubai

Basic Website Design - AED 4000

This plan is suitable for people who want a simple low cost online presence. This package includes a landing page or 5 pages based content site.

Web Design & Blog - AED 8000

This is a complete website design package that includes a responsive website and blog. This package is suitable for people who want to update their website frequently.

Ecommerce Web Design - AED 12000

This package is suitable for retailers who want a platform to sell their products online and receive payments through credit cards.

Web Design and Optimization - AED 20000

This is a premium package that is suitable for people who want a robust online presence inclusive of a high quality website and search engine optimization.

Why You Should Hire us to Design Your Website

Our website design services are specifically designed to enhance the online image of your business. If your business already has a website and you want to redesign it, or you need a new company website, Ocubedigital will provide you with the best high quality web design service at the best affordable price in dubai..

We have global experience and we can develop the most advanced website with a very reasonable budget. Our web design is highly interactive and complies with international web standards. We understand the value of an online business image, which is why we pay great attention to the appearance of the website. By making your website more attractive and attractive, you can attract users and customers while increasing your online sales.
There are many companies online that provide web design services in dubai. The problem is that if you want a high-quality website, the price will also be high. Therefore, we combine quality and price in the web design package. The design of our website is very light and easy to load in all web browsers. In addition, we also focus on the responsiveness of the website. Therefore, our website is optimized for all smartphone devices. We have different web design packages that are tailored to the needs of your company. If your business is small and you want to have a high-quality website at the lowest price, this package is the best for you.

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