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Often times, when small businesses are founded, owners make really funny mistakes of trying to get it all figured out through traditional means of advertising. They believe that since they offer good services, then it wouldn’t take a lot time for customers to find their way to them.

This strategy may work or reach a number of customers but it is traditional and stale. Over the years, and with the popularity of digital technologies, and social media, marketing has taken diverse forms. It is advisable that no small business, no matter how new, should overlook this medium of marketing.


Digital marketing would help you reach a large number of people at once. Take it like a fish farmer that uses a hook and a line for fishing and another one that uses a large fishing net. Your guess would tell you who would attract more fishes at once.

A few more benefits include;

  • More reach at once
  • Getting the customers’ best interest
  • Tracking multiple responses all at once
  • Cost effective.


Why are you after so much stress for your business, Eh?

Many owners of SMEs would prefer to give the excuse that online marketing is expensive and they do not have the money to be competitive online. But, I’d say it is mere procrastination. Some of them even give the excuse that they are trying to get a hang of the market first – but actually, the internet has gotten a hang of it for you already.

They usually think the best strategy is to wait for the customers to come. And that since it’s an SME – Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, they only need small number of customers.

Take for instance, Mr. XY and Mrs. XX own a clothing business and they live in the same city. Mr. XY uses digital marketing to ace his business and does not just target the people in his city but also those in other countries. Mrs. XX on the other hand does the opposite. She prints flyers and does door-to-door marketing to the people in her locality alone. Who would earn more, considering the reach and convenience too?


Imagine yourself in the marketplace, the sellers there do not necessarily have to find you before they market their products or services. You do the looking out yourself till you get to the best shop where you can buy your stuff. That is the same occurrence that plays when you use the online space to market your products. The customers will always find you.


In furtherance, as much as your customers are online, your competitors are also online. To have a successful business, you need to pay attention to what your competitors are doing and learn from it.

What content are they using? Are they using blogposts? What is working for them and what isn’t working? The only place you can get this information is if you are online as well – don’t dull yourself, biko, e get why.


Where do you first go whenever you need to get the prices of stuffs you want to get? My guess is, the internet. Somebody that uses digital marketing to market their product placed that price there. Now do you get it? If you have no online presence at all, you won’t be known and you can’t be found – except we’re playing the game of tag here tho.

If you have an online presence but your competitors are easier to find and are found first, you still might not be found at all. But by creating a website, learning search engine optimization, you are likely to increase your online presence and that can lead your customers directly to your business.


Digital marketing helps you engage with prospects. You can conduct a survey to get to know them. What are they hoping to find? What solutions can you offer? What is their plan? Etc.

Digital marketing gives you the avenue to build relationships with your customers. Instead of just being a vendor, you can as well be a trusted partner to them.

The world advances daily and digital marketing is still one of the few cost-effective forms of advertising. Compared to advertising on TV and on radio, digital marketing reaches a wider range of people at once and it is also getting your money’s worth. Digital marketing has been tested and trusted by many and it is one of the many ways you can help make your small business a successful one.